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Reproduction of Stygimoloch Spinfer

Cast made directly from original skull, and is featured in collection.


Actual Stygimoloch skull in collection 


90 pound Silver Ingot- Recovered from the Nuestra Senora De Atocha

On September 6th, 1622, the treasure galleon of King Phillip IV's Tierra Firme Fleet sank near the Florida Keys during a severe Hurricane.  Two hundred sixty people perished and tons of silver, gold and other precious cargo were lost to the sea.  This shipwreck lay undiscovered for more than 300 years, when it was finally found on July 20th, 1985 by Melvin Fishers' company, Treasure Salvors, inc.  35cm long, 13.5 cm wide, 9.1 cm thick.  90lbs. 11.84 oz.