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Campo de Cielo - IAB Octahedrite.  Chago Province, Argentina.  Discovered in 1576.   450 lbs.



Dronino - Ungrouped Ataxite.  Kasimov district, Northwestern region, Russia.   Discovered in 2003.  4kg. polished slice.  Note the reflection due to the very high nickel content of this meteorite. 



Valera - L5 Chondrite.  Trujillo, Venezuela.  Witnessed fall- October 15th, 1972. 757 grams.  This is the only documented fatal meteorite impact, killing a cow.  Ex. Macovich collection.



Henbury - IIIAB Medium Octahedrite.  145 kilometers SW of Alice Springs(Northwest Territory)Australia.  Discovered in 1899.  2751 grams



Dimmit - H4 Chondrite.  Castro Co. Texas.  Discovered in 1942.  2057 grams.  Oscar Monnig #12E



Dar Al Gani 400 Lunar anorthosite breccia.  Dar al Gani, Libya.  Discovered, March 10th, 1998.  3.69 grams.



ZIZ - IA Octahedrite.  Algeria, Africa.  Discovered in January 2000.  486.5 grams



Canyon Diablo - IAB Octahedrite.  Coconino Co. Arizona.  Discovered in 1891.  6367 grams. Nininger # 34.5223; Ex.Carl Herfurth collection.


Glorieta Mountain - Siderite.  Canoncito, Santa Fe Co. New Mexico.  Discovered May 1884.  830 gram etched slice, showing internal Widmanstatten pattern.


Roundsprings - H5 Chondrite. Main Mass.  Roundsprings, Lincoln county, Kansas.  Identified as a meteorite in 1998.  1199 grams.  This meteorite was found by a farmer in his pasture and used as a door stop for years.  Ex. Macovich collection.


NWA 2051 - Achondrite (Eucrite) Polymict.  Main Mass.  Rissani, Morocco.  Discovered in 2003.  57.62 grams.


NWA 2753 - Olivine Diogenite.  Main Mass.  Erfoud, Morocco.  Discovered  in 2006.  70 grams.

NWA 1939 - Howardite.  Main Mass.  Morocco.  Discovered in 2003.  15.75 grams


NWA 2092 - LL6/7 Chondrite.  Main Mass.  Morocco.  Discovered in 2003.  26.9 grams.  This is an extremely rare meteorite type.


NWA 2678 - IIAB Hexahedrite.  Main Mass.  Sahara Desert, Northwest  Africa.  190 grams.

Note impact crater on surface of fusion crust.


NWA 4481 - Achondrite ( Ureilite).  Main Mass.  Morocco, Africa. Discovered in 2006.  11.2 grams.

Note shiny white areas on polished slice; some Ureilites contain tiny diamonds.

Gao/ Guenie -H5 Olivine-Bronzite Chondrite.  Burkina Faso(formerly Upper Volta), Africa.  Witnessed fall- March 5th, 1960.  348 grams.


Baygorria - IAB Octahedrite.  Rio Negro Prov., Uruguay.  Discovered July 8th, 1994.  200 gram etched slice.


Dar al Gani 142 - H5/6 Chondrite.  Main Mass.  Al Jufrah, Libya.  Discovered  March 27th, 1996.  593.8 grams.


Verkhnyi Saltov -IIIAB Octahedrite.  Kharkov District, Ukraine.  Discovered in April or May 2001.  175.1 gram etched slice.


Dhofar 922 - L6 Chondrite.  Main Mass.  Dhofar Prov.  Oman.  Discovered February 6th, 2003.  1280 grams.




Tata - IIIAB Octahedrite.   Morocco, Africa.  Discovered in 2001.  275 gram etched slice.



NWA 3080 - L6 Impact Melt Chondrite.  Main Mass.  Sahara Desert, Morocco, Africa.  Discovered in 2003.  98.9 grams.



Juancheng - H5 Chondrite.  Heze, Shangdong Prov., China.  Witnessed fall- February 15th, 1997.  529 grams.  Ex Macovich collection.



NWA 5235 -  Achondrite ( Basaltic Eucrite).  Main Mass.  Northwest africa.  Discovered in 2007.  10.9 grams.


DaG 577 -  H6 Chondrite.  Main Mass.  Al Jufrah, Libya.  Discovered in 1999.  95 grams.


Seymchan- IIE Pallasite.  Seymchan, Magadanskaya Oblast', Siberia, Russia.  Discovered in 1967. 


NWA 482 - Lunar Impact Melt Breccia (Polymict).  Northwest Africa.  Discovered in 2000.  1.19 grams.  Scientists theorize this is the only known meteorite to originate from the dark side of the moon (Lunar Highlands).


Gibeon - IVA Octahedrite.  Namaland, Namibia.  Discovered in 1836.  26 pounds.