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Elbaite Tourmaline w/ Microlite - Paprok, Kunar Prov., Afganistan.  17 cm tall x 3 cm wide.     

Closeup of Microlite inclusions with drusy Quartz coating.



Gem Rhodochrosite - N. Chwaning  mine, N. Cape Prov., South Africa.  10 cm tall x 6 cm wide.

Side view of Rhodocrosite, note black manganese coating on tips of crystals.



Elbaite Tourmaline - variant Indicolite w/ Quartz, Cleavelandite & Lepidolite,  Paprok, Kunar Prov.,  Afganistan. 10 cm tall x 11 cm wide.



Inesite cluster - Wessels mine, Hotazel, Kalahari manganese fields, South Africa.  6 cm tall x 10.5 cm wide.  Featured in The Mineralogical Record, Volume 22, 1991.  page 287.



Poldervaarite - N. Chwaning II mine, Kuruman, Africa.  9 cm tall x 6 cm wide.  On rare occasion, minerals will grow in the form of animate objects, this "smiley face" is such an example; it is completely natural.



Cuprosklodowskite -  Musonoi mine, Kolwezi, Western area, Katanga Copper Cresent, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo.  9 cm tall x 9 cm wide.  Cuprosklodowskite is  a rare uranium mineral formed from the oxidation of copper and uranium bearing minerals.



Wulfenite w/ Mimetite - San Francisco mine, Cucurpe, Sonora, Mexico.  5 cm tall x  9 cm wide.  Wulfenite is a Lead Molybdate secondary mineral found in the oxidation zones of Lead deposits.



Fluorite - Yaogangxian mine, Chenzhou Prefecture, Hunan Prov., China.  10 cm tall x 13.5 cm wide.  Fluorite cube is 5.5cm square.  Ex. Clara & Steve Smale Collection.



Red Beryl - Wah Wah Mountains, Beaver County, Utah.  5 cm tall x 8 cm wide. Crystal measures 1.5cm tall x 1cm wide.  Red Beryl is the rarest form of beryl, which includes aquamarines and emeralds.  Currently this is the only location in the world where gem quality Red Beryl is found.



Spodumene - variant Kunzite,  Pech, Kunar Prov., Afganistan.  7.5 cm tall x 5.5 cm wide.

Side view of delicate crystal structure.



Malachite stalactite w/ Chrysocolla - Mashamba West mine, Katanga Prov., Zaire.  14.5 cm long



Mimetite - Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua, Mexico. 11 cm tall x 8.5 cm wide.  Ex museum specimen "Full Moon Rising"



Tourmaline, variant Rubellite - Malkhan mines, Transbaikal, Russia.  8 cm tall x 4 cm wide.



Gold Nugget -  White Horse Gully, Bendingo, Victoria, Australia.  4.7 ounces.  3.5 cm tall x 5.8 cm wide.



Elbaite Tourmaline w/ green cap - Paprok, Kunar Prov., Afganistan.  14 cm tall x 3.5 cm wide.



Rhodonite - San Martin mine, Chiurucu, Huallanca, Bolognesi prov., Peru.  5.5 cm tall x 7.5 cm wide.



Senegalite on Turquois - Fale'me' mine, Kouroudiako iron deposit, Saraya, Fale'me' river basin, Tambacounda region, Senegal.  4 cm tall x 7  cm  wide.  Ex.Arnold Goldstein collection.



Vesuvianite,(also known as Idocrase) - Jeffrey mine, Asbestos, Quebec, Canada. 3.5 cm tall x 6 cm wide.



Pyrite cubes on Rhyolite matrix - Ampliacio'n a Victoria mine, Navaju'n, La Rioja, Spain.  12 cm tall x 17 cm wide.   Cubes are 3.5 cm square.



Cobaltian Calcite - Bou-Azzer, Quarzazate Prov., Atlas Mtns., Morocco.5.5 cm tall x 9 cm wide.



Saleeite - Ranger uranium mine, Northern Territory,  Australia.  10 cm tall x 17 cm wide.  Ex. Warren Somerville Collection.



Smithsonite - Santa Eulalia District, Mun. de Aquiles Serda'n, Chihuahua, Mexico.  12 cm tall x 16 cm wide.



Calcite w/ Ruby-jack Sphalerite - Joplin, Missouri.  14 cm tall x 12 cm wide.

Marra Mamba Tiger's Eye Slab - Blue Crocidolite seams, Hamersley Range in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. ( This source was mined out over 20 years ago.).  31" long x 12" wide.  True Marra Mamba Tiger's eye comes only from this area and is extremely rare.


Wulfenite - Red Cloud Mine, Trigo Mountains, La Paz County, Arizona.  13cm tall x 10.5cm wide.  The red cloud mine is now permanently closed, this specimen was found in the 1940's.